A FROZEN NIGHTMARE! – ICED Gameplay – Arctic Survival Game

Posted on 19. Sep, 2017 by in Top Juegos

Welcome to ICED! In ICED gameplay the main aim is to survive until a chopper with the rescue team arrives.

The gameplay: the player shall monitor the health indices; look for the items like food, water, medications, burner gas in the possessions other fishermen left behind. These items will help him last for another several hours.

The player’s dreams will feature the challenges, determining his spirit and state of mind. The worse the latter are, the tougher it is for the player to survive, while the challenges will become more and more complicated.

The events unfold in the abnormal weather conditions, the temperature can drop unexpectedly, putting the protagonist’s life at risk – if he is far from the tent, it would be difficult to come back in poor visibility conditions and survive the extreme cold.

There are also other risks, for instance, slipping during running or jumping, causing an injury preventing the protagonist from providing for himself, and, consequently causing his death.

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Intro Made by Ds43m:

Intro Song – The Swing by TexasBrother:

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    19. Sep, 2017

    just the intro made me laugh and like geez 30 seconds in as well

  2. madox maqeenn.exevia graceexevia

    19. Sep, 2017

    I am the 7493 view

  3. Robert Owen

    19. Sep, 2017

    more forts and fh3 plzzzzzzz

  4. Kruell

    19. Sep, 2017

    You don't eat the snow because it lowers your core body temprature…( In real life, don't know if that applies somehow to the game).

  5. Little Oscar

    19. Sep, 2017

    ctop play dead&buried it's a cool vr game

  6. MikeyGoWOOGA

    19. Sep, 2017

    I'm pretty sure the red on your stats was part of the meter that was "locked off" because you got zombie-murdered in your dream. Or something. I don't think the meter would fill into the part that was red.

  7. The Great Poonami

    19. Sep, 2017

    love the Firewatch t-shirt. I just got a Vive, can you recommend some good VR games?

  8. Epic Snake

    19. Sep, 2017

    I'm the "Annie foster" (not my real name) person but I got a new Phone

  9. Jack 5

    19. Sep, 2017

    well, hope there no yeti's…CTOP A BLUE YETI IN FRONT OF YOU WITH…a filter in front of it?? oh it's your mic

  10. I Like Pikles

    19. Sep, 2017


  11. Arctic Phoenix

    19. Sep, 2017

    OHHHH I get it now if you dream and you lose you lose sanity (the brain thing) and if you lose sanity you lose more of max of your sats
    basicly red stuff appears on your stats

  12. 2025Nicholas Blais

    19. Sep, 2017

    dat riaisist

  13. Zach Attack

    19. Sep, 2017

    Whoo! I was the 100th like 😛 (atleast on my screen :P)

  14. King Reaper9873

    19. Sep, 2017

    hi love the video. awesome game. LIVE IT

  15. wet wipes

    19. Sep, 2017

    Fingerless gloves improve accuracy

  16. Epic Snake

    19. Sep, 2017

    Hi ctop 😉

  17. Kozak

    19. Sep, 2017

    Bah, looks like home to me. Arctic my ass.

  18. Physicskid 87

    19. Sep, 2017


  19. Martin Williams

    19. Sep, 2017

    You said you didn't look like Jack from Lost… Look atya now ;D

  20. Pidgey Otto

    19. Sep, 2017

    Hooooooooo My god i found u Again its Been 1 year