Another Horror Versus Game – White Noise 2!

Posted on 08. Sep, 2017 by in Top Juegos

A lot of folk suggested I try out White Noise 2 – and they were nice enough to provide some keys. To be honest, it doesn’t feel very balanced, and the entire match feels more like a grind then reaching a climax like you do in Deceit. Not entire sure what they are going for – or maybe I’m just playing wrong – but let me know what you think!

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20 Responses to “Another Horror Versus Game – White Noise 2!”

  1. Amsterdam Wanderer

    08. Sep, 2017

    I liked it

  2. ADR5014

    08. Sep, 2017

    While I dont think this should be as regular as Deceit I am interested in seeing more of this

  3. The demigod REQUIS

    08. Sep, 2017

    Who else thought hat was a wolf on the thumbnail?

  4. hieroglyph321

    08. Sep, 2017

    Swiftor be like: "Fuck this shit, I want to be infected playing Deceit"

  5. Janaya Ballard

    09. Sep, 2017

    I sub

  6. Gabe Newell

    09. Sep, 2017

    Poor swift reading all these comments that no-one likes this game. I mean ill admit it deceit is better but he is trying new things

  7. MrJamezMC

    09. Sep, 2017

    This game is busy

  8. Ray Ravel

    09. Sep, 2017

    This game was type wavy, got intense every time you tried to eat them

  9. Yuh Yuh

    09. Sep, 2017

    Not anything against u swift but the game is booty to watch

  10. Vinny D

    09. Sep, 2017

    way to slow paced and confusing as hell like whats the point. I like deceit or Dead by daylight better. Monster is underpowered and the hunters or whatever are wayyyyyyyyy overpowered seems weird.

  11. LiL_CHUKY_02

    09. Sep, 2017

    I kinda like this, once you guys get good it will make for really exciting gameplay. I would like to see more!

  12. Relatable Corgi

    09. Sep, 2017

    Unbalanced af

  13. RaVe TearZ

    09. Sep, 2017

    You should play Dead by Daylight. Like so swift can see

  14. Xxcookies

    09. Sep, 2017

    Nahhhh just do white noise 2 and deceit more likes

  15. C.O.N

    09. Sep, 2017

    The monster is wayyy to underpowered and the survivors are to overpowered stick to Deciet man

  16. Nat Perry

    09. Sep, 2017

    Game looks slow and not scary

  17. JRs Stuff

    09. Sep, 2017

    I prefer deceit

  18. Vortex27

    09. Sep, 2017

    How do you make progress as a monster in this?

  19. Pwninggrenades

    09. Sep, 2017

    Swift you are suppose to chase them when you are hit by the light, you can still move and you are not affected by the light except for a slowdown

  20. damien smells

    09. Sep, 2017

    do more