Force of Nature [First Taste] – 1. Washed Up! – Let’s Play Force of Nature

Posted on 04. Sep, 2017 by in Top Juegos

Welcome to my First Taste of Force of Nature – a survival sandbox with RPG elements. In this episode we’ll be introduced to our dire predicament as we wake up on a lonely shore with no tools or any means to survive but our fists and feet!

Thankfully, it’s clear our protagonist has watched plenty of “Primitive Technology” videos on Youtube before becoming a castaway, because it won’t be long before we’re refining our own coal and building hunting weapons from the sticks and splinters of rock we find along the way!


In Force of Nature, a real-time sandbox survival game developed and published by A.Y. Std, we find ourselves shipwrecked and washed up on some foreign shore.

With nothing but a pair of shorts to call our own, we must scavenge, forage, and hunt our way to survival. Learning to craft tools and buildings to help us tame the lands around us, and the curious creatures which inhabit them!


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20 Responses to “Force of Nature [First Taste] – 1. Washed Up! – Let’s Play Force of Nature”

  1. Kaltenbauer

    04. Sep, 2017

    Dodge means u can move while doing the hitting animation.

  2. Eastwardrope 91

    04. Sep, 2017

    why do you sound distorted?

  3. Alexandr Belov

    04. Sep, 2017

    4:52 we need to craft a rope so we can have a quick way out

  4. Donny M

    04. Sep, 2017

    very cool game

  5. yelsew82

    04. Sep, 2017

    ui in this game is atrocious

  6. Chrome Eagle

    04. Sep, 2017

    Damn… I remember 3 years ago when I used to watch your robocraft and magicite videos

  7. Christian & Laura - Daily Gaming and Stuff!

    04. Sep, 2017

    Reminds me of Runscape a bit

  8. Casual King

    04. Sep, 2017

    Everyone should check out the Chanel Primative Technology

  9. Josef Fritzl

    04. Sep, 2017

    Sweet graphics for a 2017 game.

  10. nathan walton

    04. Sep, 2017

    till goblins come werak your fence or house if dont got gence

  11. Darkcider79

    04. Sep, 2017

    Stop talking so much and just show the game!

  12. sik3xploit

    04. Sep, 2017

    my right heel is pretty rough and deadened compared to the rest of my foot, but I imagine hitting a tree with it would still hurt alot!

  13. jaime tamargo

    04. Sep, 2017

    rust 2.0

  14. Padawan 1993

    04. Sep, 2017

    Dont like the camera position

  15. Kelduhar Uugthar

    04. Sep, 2017

    you had me watching like crazy when you did the gnomoria series and now you came out with another great series .. i love watching your classy style

  16. maxkingone

    04. Sep, 2017

    isn't it fully released?

  17. Shendemiar

    04. Sep, 2017

    Stupid game, how can naked dude carry all that junk?

  18. EmbryW

    04. Sep, 2017

    Great commentary, but I'm not sure how I feel about the game yet. I'm spoiled from watching Ark, so this seems a little slow? Also this game's graphics confuse me. On the one hand the map is pretty, but the lack of character customization is disappointing, and the interface feels like it was pulled out of an old school 2D game. When was this game made???

    Still interested to see where it goes. Again, great commentary!

  19. joshua arnott

    04. Sep, 2017

    (physically fit) humans can run down rabbits on open ground- rabbits can die from extended stress and exertion

  20. Semirotta

    04. Sep, 2017

    It seems like it is made by ruskies since there is only ENG and RUS languages. That is already enough of a reason not to buy this game. Though after looking at this game here, I would definitely not waste my money into this.
    You would use the Gem to light up the fire just like how you use Magnifying glass to do so. It bend the light to a small concentrated area and starts to produce heat eventually burning up.