Generator Mass Storage Starter Base | Subsistence | Let’s Play Gameplay | S06E04

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Hey all, welcome to my Subsistence Let’s Play Gameplay (S6).
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• This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development.

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♪ Music Credits: Son of a Rocket Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Subsistence Gameplay Information:

Subsistence is a multiplayer (and single player), sandbox, first person, open-world survival game. Struggle to build a base and gear-up in the hostile environment. Team up with other players to protect your base, attack others, or ally with neighbouring factions. Progress your base technology for advanced item crafting and upgrades.

The aim is to integrate the kinds of base-resource micro-management typically found in RTS titles, into a boots-on-the-ground shooter. Each base has an underlying economy of power and raw materials that must be maintained and expanded in order to rise in dominance.

The focus is not of primitive survival (although there are many elements during the early-game), but instead a focus on the base, its security, technology and resources.
Subsistence Gameplay Features:
* Multiplayer (and singleplayer) open-world (up to 64 players).
* Item crafting mechanics.
* World day-night cycle.
* Temperature change based on time-of-day and altitude.
* Character hunger/thirst/strength mechanics.
* Character clothing system.
* Food cooking mechanics.
* Dynamic base building.
* Weapon upgrade system.
* System for inviting/removing players to access bases.
* Central power system for bases (base items require power to function).
* Npc enemy leveling system.
There are tons of great websites out there to help with tutorials, guides, resources and general gameplay tips. Check these sites out here:

The Subsistence subreddit: Coming Soon

The Subsistence wiki: Coming Soon
You can download Subsistence from one of the following official websites.

Download Subsistence from the Steam store here: Coming Soon

Download Subsistence from the official website here:Coming Soon
Is Subsistence a good game? Or should you pass? Check out some reviews here:

Subsistence Trailer can be found here: Coming Soon

DISCLAIMER: Subsistence is developed by ColdGames, who were kind enough to share free preview/review copies with me.
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20 Responses to “Generator Mass Storage Starter Base | Subsistence | Let’s Play Gameplay | S06E04”

  1. Ricardo Victor

    13. Sep, 2017

    Most people might think theres not much variety in the game to watch a lets play series, but playing it is exciting in its own way, thats why you feel the game is so good, but dont have enough views. I, personally, LOVE to watch it. Great video, Kage.

  2. Alistair Archibald

    13. Sep, 2017

    Good work yo, keep er lit! Also 1000 points for that 'GET WRECKED, THUMPER!'

  3. pschoticc

    13. Sep, 2017

    Is there a shift click option to get items moved easier? Anybody?

  4. LegendEternal

    13. Sep, 2017

    On my channel, I try to keep it what I consider PG13. So, "hell" isn't taboo. I'll say "ass" occasionally. Pretty much, I try to keep the language comparable to prime time network tv. That's just my take on it.

  5. John White

    13. Sep, 2017

    If you are wondering about curse words, you should ask "The Knights of Standards and Practices"; they'll know.

    Can you hear me now?

  6. Joe Matthews

    13. Sep, 2017

    curse is usually anything that takes 'Lord's' name in vain, or any other diety for that matter:) love the playthrough kage, keep it up bro

  7. Matthew Heywood

    13. Sep, 2017

    I thought werewolves would make a good addition to the game since I started watching you play this. It would definitely make things more interesting in the the long run.

  8. Aaron Jamison

    13. Sep, 2017

    I love watching you play this game man. 👍👍

  9. D. Hall

    13. Sep, 2017

    "I got wood for DAYZ…" –Kage848 (Priapism is nothing to be ashamed of, a doctor can help you with that.)

  10. josh mcglenn

    13. Sep, 2017

    It doesn't get views because it's too realistic. I plan on playing it because I enjoy the realism, but most people want a bit of flash in their video game content.

  11. Ryan Kenner

    13. Sep, 2017

    maybe no O2 bar, but it looks as if the vision gets blurry, fads and looses color the longer you're down there.

  12. cmdfarsight

    13. Sep, 2017

    I wouldn't say Hell is a curse. Anything with God, Jesus and Christ in it would be a curse.

    Love this series – thanks for uploading Kage. Love a lot of your playthroughs and have learnt so much from you on 7 days, even if I am on console.

  13. Morgan Tolman

    13. Sep, 2017

    the wood on the roof and the wood on the floor are going different ways

  14. juzamud

    13. Sep, 2017

    I like this series. Also, I do appreciate that you don't swear. You could have chosen otherwise and that shows me how much you respect your audience. Thank you.

  15. Trenton Keuntjes

    13. Sep, 2017

    You need to play the forest again. Even if its once a week. If you do that them I will be happy.

  16. Joseph martin

    13. Sep, 2017

    if the developer adds zombi the game will be on totally differnt lvl

  17. Kayos501

    13. Sep, 2017

    Hey Kage! You're rhyme was "Any time your stamina is low, its time to chop a tree, bro". Also, not for nothing, but the direction of the planks on the roof pieces you put up are crossways to the direction of the planks on the platforms. Just figured I'd let you know.

  18. WulfgarTX14

    13. Sep, 2017

    Don't you mean 9 mins in… And one more thing are you going to make clothes this season?

  19. Deklyn Owen-Vockins

    13. Sep, 2017

    i like the way you refer to liking your vids

  20. Gailtel ピンク

    13. Sep, 2017

    I think the little amount of people who watches this gameplay enjoys it a lot, so don't stop playing it 😊