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Welcome to ICED! The main aim in ICED is to survive until a chopper with the rescue team arrives.

The gameplay: the player shall monitor the health indices; look for the items like food, water, medications, burner gas in the possessions other fishermen left behind. These items will help him last for another several hours.

The player’s dreams will feature the challenges, determining his spirit and state of mind. The worse the latter are, the tougher it is for the player to survive, while the challenges will become more and more complicated.

The events unfold in the abnormal weather conditions, the temperature can drop unexpectedly, putting the protagonist’s life at risk – if he is far from the tent, it would be difficult to come back in poor visibility conditions and survive the extreme cold.

There are also other risks, for instance, slipping during running or jumping, causing an injury preventing the protagonist from providing for himself, and, consequently causing his death.The protagonist goes winter fishing on a lake and is caught in a snowstorm. He decides to wait it out in a tent and falls asleep. When the cold wakes him up, he finds his burner empty, his tent cold, and the ice outside broken, leaving him with no way back to the shore.

Iced: http://store.steampowered.com/app/575570/ICED/

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20 Responses to “I FOUND THE FLAREGUN! – EPIC FAIL – ICED New Survival Game #2”

  1. lynx potatoes

    08. Sep, 2017

    if u eat snow u get water u dummy its pretty obvious! u know snow is ice ice frozen WATER

  2. Diabetic Dickhead

    08. Sep, 2017

    The smart ice fisherman would keep empty  bottles to fill with snow and have it lent down for waer

  3. Diabetic Dickhead

    08. Sep, 2017

    Was the dead mans sandwich nice Rotal ?

  4. Donald Trump

    08. Sep, 2017

    Tell me why this nigga looks like a thumb

  5. wessel Van uijtert

    08. Sep, 2017

    cat you get a back pack????

  6. PreserveBigCats

    08. Sep, 2017

    The Flashlight can go in your hotbar… See It shaded along with the flare gun ?!

  7. PreserveBigCats

    08. Sep, 2017

    OK… lets be honest, who's throwing aside wooden crates in a frozen environment, who would toss anything aside in that situation? I'll never understand how or why developers forget this obvious aspect of survival games.

  8. Maulana Winata

    08. Sep, 2017

    he didnt open that green box! 16:16

  9. Lulu Puckett

    08. Sep, 2017

    Omg I'm also so mad he didn't open the box

  10. Devid Bewser

    08. Sep, 2017

    17:43 He legit looks at a fucking leg then walks off 😂🔫

  11. Chase Bundy

    08. Sep, 2017

    7:55 fail -_-

  12. Dylan Byrne

    08. Sep, 2017

    Hey, i don't know how to but I saw that in oompaville's videos you can eat the snow for water. Just a heads up.

  13. Celayo Gonzales

    08. Sep, 2017

    What the hell he forgot the extra pills

  14. Boot Kicker

    08. Sep, 2017

    Royal you can eat snow I don't remember the key but I think it is e.

  15. fishy the homie

    08. Sep, 2017

    help out other youtubers out sub to chanels

  16. Lulu Puckett

    09. Sep, 2017


  17. zwarzxtreme

    09. Sep, 2017


  18. The Infamous Rookie

    09. Sep, 2017

    the green thing is called a hand auger

  19. Luis Zazueta

    09. Sep, 2017

    can we play on mobile

  20. Gage Spencer

    09. Sep, 2017

    the thing you drill in the ice is an auger and you don't fish it is ice fishing lol