Let’s Play The Saboteur Gameplay/Walkthrough [PC] [1080p] Part 1: The BOOBginning

Posted on 02. Sep, 2017 by in Top Juegos

Let's Play The Saboteur Gameplay/Walkthrough [PC] [1080p] Part 1: The BOOBginning

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20 Responses to “Let’s Play The Saboteur Gameplay/Walkthrough [PC] [1080p] Part 1: The BOOBginning”

  1. the_g_killer

    02. Sep, 2017

    nice boobies ☺

  2. Joel Dellavalle

    02. Sep, 2017

    video reported

  3. Thomas Hamilton

    02. Sep, 2017

    Grebanyy tupik

  4. SixFeetUndr101

    02. Sep, 2017

    I love this frigging game!!!

  5. Gohunt001 -

    02. Sep, 2017

    Sean: check
    Irish: check
    Flat cap: check(ish)

    Are we SURE we're not playing as Jacksepticeye in this game?

  6. yugijak

    02. Sep, 2017


    Seriously, if more 'shooters' played like this I'd be more than happy to jump all over them! Why can't we have a game like this about other wars?! That'd be so interesting!

  7. Mr Koyotty

    02. Sep, 2017

    God dammit so nostalgic. Im angry at myself that I lost the game.

  8. Марто Иванов

    02. Sep, 2017

    Stage girl tities good but booty just a killer

  9. IanTheGamer // ITG

    02. Sep, 2017

    "Nazi oppression nice"

  10. Teresa Ramsey

    02. Sep, 2017

    yellow definitely

  11. Leon F.

    02. Sep, 2017

    The soundtrack of this game was really amazing

  12. hülagü ilçi

    02. Sep, 2017

    The character is sean= jackseptickeye fought in ww2????

  13. hülagü ilçi

    02. Sep, 2017

    The one on the stage is better

  14. hülagü ilçi

    02. Sep, 2017


  15. Miltn72

    02. Sep, 2017

    had so much fun playing this game few years back. i'm here for the memories.

  16. Daniel Martinez

    02. Sep, 2017

    I wish this game was on psp

  17. Joseph G

    02. Sep, 2017

    omg, another fucking brainwash propaganda about the "nazis" If all of you were really intelligent, you would know that the Germans were the most disciplined, elegant and cultured people of the whole fucking world.

  18. Wedge Antilles

    02. Sep, 2017

    Uhm yeah, spoilers here, to anyone haven't played this game. Dont read on.

    What actually happens to Francheska, you know the SS chick, she just disappears from the game at one point and never returns… Weird.

  19. Simsfan9911

    02. Sep, 2017

    I like dicks not really into tits….

  20. Duck Spies

    02. Sep, 2017

    gta style in nazi era….my life is fuckin complete