Subsistence | EP1 | Day One Survival, New Season Begins | Let’s Play Subsistence Gameplay (S6)

Posted on 11. Sep, 2017 by in Top Juegos

Subsistence Let’s Play / Gameplay – Hunters Base Loot Increased? – Struggle to build a base and gear-up in the hostile environment. Team up with other players to protect your base, attack others, or ally with neighboring factions. Progress your base technology for advanced item crafting and upgrades.

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Current features:
* Multiplayer (and single player) open-world (up to 64 players).
* Item crafting mechanics.
* World day-night cycle.
* Temperature change based on time-of-day and altitude.
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20 Responses to “Subsistence | EP1 | Day One Survival, New Season Begins | Let’s Play Subsistence Gameplay (S6)”

  1. rogeriofpb1982

    11. Sep, 2017

    6:39 pick pick!!! 😀

  2. Jack Meadows

    11. Sep, 2017

    Just started watching you on Subsistence. I am new to the game and I appreciate the details.

  3. lars kristensen

    11. Sep, 2017

    it worked . thx for the tips.. only sacrifice i had to make was myself 2 times. had to use my last water on plants 🙂
    now 2nd harvest of cotton is started. solar panel fitted on roof and well drilled to half dept ..
    think my best tactical build is a balcony going 2 out.. nothing can get upthere… great hunting tower. wolfes.bears and rabbits right outside.
    think im gonna build a sofa outthere just to do some chill hunting 🙂

    btw. are there anything of interrest in the mountains ??
    my base is in the southwest corner..
    snow starts 4 foundation lengts behind my house .
    already been at the highest mountain to west. nothing upthere.
    i thought the cold had a point and opened more areas as you progressed.
    only reason i settled there. its freaking cold and i still havent crafted clothes either 🙂
    but look at the bright side.. massive potassium finds here.. explosives …. i can live with that 🙂

  4. lars kristensen

    11. Sep, 2017

    i have the base thing. the small generator.refinery.woodburner. mass storage. powerstorage. mass fabricator 5 storage crates and a growbox.. but i still only reach 500 power 100 mass.. but it says i got space for double,, 500/1000 100/200 .. i dont get it.. i need to build the wellhead ASAP.

  5. lars kristensen

    11. Sep, 2017

    26:54 can you build close up to things ??
    i mean.. if you build in the angled piece of that rockside then you would save some walls.

  6. Yeet Yaga

    11. Sep, 2017

    Quit assuming that bears gender

  7. DarkFoxx117

    11. Sep, 2017

    So it's basically 7 days to die without the zombies

  8. BirdDana

    11. Sep, 2017

    scrolling through the s6 playlist. looks like its going to be fun. lets begin

  9. Stephen Wallace

    11. Sep, 2017

    ok i know this is an old vid but I just bought the game and hated it so much that I wanted a refund… Im watching this and learning but seems I have some difficulty even seeing the plants you are grabbing…. maybe things have changed and its a lot harder now, but easy mode is not easy… I have died a million times.. the one time i managed to build a Base unit, I died of hunger… Im trying to love this game, but the BS learn/die curve at the start is doing my head in!
    Oh and theres so many animals its not even funny!
    Love your vids btw… subbed 🙂

  10. Alejandro

    11. Sep, 2017

    I just started to watch this series and i'm already loving the way you play and explain everything. Finally found someone that plays smart!!

    Greetings from one argentinian fan!!!

  11. James Stinnette

    11. Sep, 2017

    can't find enough fibers

  12. Tlyer Button

    11. Sep, 2017

    What is the blue thing

  13. Faurly

    11. Sep, 2017

    The chopping sound would make a good beat

  14. baaldas

    11. Sep, 2017

    another survival that don't use voxels, you can't dig or mine a hole, just prerendered housing details to build a house. that
    s so lame, back to 7d2d

  15. Lover InTheRain

    11. Sep, 2017

    Hey GE i don't see E2? is EP3 after 1 or am i just not seeing it?
    Edit: Also next in line is EP3 on playlist.

  16. khalid mamay

    11. Sep, 2017

    CoooL nice work

  17. WyzDat

    11. Sep, 2017

    Dude … you forgot fang :/ The holy hand grenade would have been kinder 😀

  18. Wild Nikiti

    11. Sep, 2017

    At least no "prairie oysters" for dinner tonight 🙂

  19. Tristen Strickland

    11. Sep, 2017

    I was watching page 848 play this and he was talking pretty highly of you and I kind of liked his game play and since he talks highly of you must have a very similar gameplay and you know I like it when most subscriber hope you keep growing your channel bro

  20. Nerdy Nurse Gaming

    11. Sep, 2017

    very good start, yo.