The Wild Eight – Vivian – Part 1 Let’s Play The Wild Eight Gameplay

Posted on 22. Ago, 2017 by in Top Juegos

Let’s Play The Wild Eight, shall we? The Wild Eight is a survival game in which players take control of one of eight characters each with special skills to aid in their survival. The Wild Eight!

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20 Responses to “The Wild Eight – Vivian – Part 1 Let’s Play The Wild Eight Gameplay”

  1. Fʟᴀʏʀᴜsᴛ

    22. Ago, 2017


  2. Jun Zhang

    22. Ago, 2017


  3. Zach Opal

    22. Ago, 2017

    Iris Airlines… Iris… Iris… ISIS???

  4. ManIac

    22. Ago, 2017

    Im really into non forgiving survival games that are really realistic like you really have to focus on staying alive and farming your ass off to don't die. Im pretty disappointed by the most survival games that are currently comming out but The Wild Eight is one of the great underdogs atm!

  5. Marshmelly

    22. Ago, 2017

    "Northern Weed" why did i think about Marihuana as soon as i heard that xD

  6. Lyndan

    22. Ago, 2017

    All that talk about not eating the human flesh then he just casually pops it in his mouth as he's walking

  7. AbsoluteMrGamer

    22. Ago, 2017

    i came to see some gameplay and not hoe singing.

  8. Scientiae Magicae

    22. Ago, 2017

    Wow as soon as this faggot started singing I clicked off. Fuck that retardation… Cringey as fuck..

  9. Jason Spirit

    22. Ago, 2017

    This is basically if you put the long dark, the forest and don't starve in a blender.

  10. Alexander Neumann

    22. Ago, 2017

    I subbed, only because of the singing at 4.20..

  11. Juan Ignacio Cavestany

    22. Ago, 2017

    EAT THE FLEEEEEESH!! Eat the fleeeeeesh…

  12. 0nowztar

    22. Ago, 2017

    this game is stupid

  13. Concilia Plebis

    22. Ago, 2017

    could you stop singing you fkin faggoi

  14. Scott Hudson

    22. Ago, 2017

    14:13 Totally missed the rabbit.

  15. wrestlingforme1

    22. Ago, 2017

    Oh boy, another early access game.

  16. Jay Sanders

    22. Ago, 2017

    the days are ridiculously short in this game. I thought alaska had either like permanent day or permanent night

  17. willymac Boss

    22. Ago, 2017

    I need this series! My girlfriend said if she caught me on YouTube again she'd slam my face across my keyboard! Yeah riidndjxbdjducejducjdjdiddujdndjdk kinddkdkd

  18. MG

    22. Ago, 2017

    So its an adaptation of "The Grey" Movie into RTS Interesting! but is liam neeson included lol that would be nice

  19. MEiStER - CheSskA

    22. Ago, 2017

    dear sir can you kindly try to read the story i made on this game please note some content of the story contain Spoiler Link:

  20. daman25671

    22. Ago, 2017

    i cringe when you sing… catches me off guard